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Recommended Books

IRF recommends
following books for different perspective on India.

Please consider gifting these books to your friends, library or school in your area.

India In The New Millennium, PC Alexander Somaiya Publications Pvt Ltd. ISBN 81-7039-244-6

The Book I Won't Be Writing and Other Essays, HY Sharada Prasad, DC Publishers,
ISBN 81-8028-002-0

Defending India, Jaswant Singh, Macmillan India Ltd, ISBN 0-333-93210-2

INDIA An Introduction, Khushwant Singh, Harper Collins, ISBN 81-7223-548-8

Intelligence Past, Present and Future. B.Raman . Lancer Publishers & distributors. ISBN 1 7062 222 0

The Hidden Glory of India, Steven J.Rosen, The Bhaktivedanta Book trust International Inc. ISBN 0-89213-351-1

The Upanisads, translated by Valerie J.Roebuck, Penguine Books, ISBN 0-140-44749-0

Weapons of Peace, Raj Changappa, Harper Collins, ISBN 81-7223-332-0

The Amritsar Massacre: General Dyer In the Punjab 1919, tSO Publishing ISBN 0-11-702412-0

Warrior Nation, Images of war in British popular culture, 1850-2000, Michael Paris, ISBN 1-86189-078-8

How to know GOD, Deepak Chopra, Harmony Books, ISBN 0-609-60078-8

Hinduism An Introduction, Shankunthala Jagannathan, Vakils, Feffer and Simons Ltd, Bombay
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